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Porsche 914



  Porsche 914

The Brandwood C-S 914 Cable-SHiFT assembly is produced to fit ’73-’76 VW/Porsche 914 (side shift) transaxle.  (Currently Cable-SHiFT does not produce a shift assembly for ’70-72 914 transaxles where the shift rod exits through the side of the nose cone.)

Cable-SHiFT retains the stock 914 5 speed shift pattern with a reverse ‘lock out’

Cable-SHiFT is a complete assembly including box with chrome shift handle, cables, and transaxle brackets for 914 transaxles. 

The standard brackets supplied fit most rear engine and mid engine chassis’. 

Clearance issues should be addressed before ordering. 

To order, the main cable length specific to chassis application is required.  (See how to measure cable length below.)


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