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Welcome To Cable-SHiFT!

The Cable-SHiFT concept provides a technically efficient solution to the mid-engine transaxle linkage. 


  1. Utilizes the stock OEM shift pattern, with a positive reverse lock out. 
  2. Provides easy installation.  Cables do not require a straight line between shift handle location and nose cone of transaxle, therefore most major components maybe mounted before the installation of the shifter.
  3. Is a self-contained assembly.  Once the brackets are installed, the transaxle can be shifted entirely independent of chassis “twist”.
  4. Cable-Shift is fully adjustable at the transaxle for fine tuning.
  5. Cable concept isolates shifting operation from engine vibration and chassis twist. 
  6. Cable length is available in one inch increments allowing the straightest (cleanest) line available.

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